Sharing Visual Code Settings

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Do you have to set up a new computer with a working dev environment under VS Code?

I know how it feels to be unproductive while you are adapting everything to your taste. Thanks to the extension “Settings Sync”, you can now straightforwardly automate this task.

What does the Settings Sync extension?

This extension is synchronized with our Github account (it uses a private gist) and allows us to synchronize:

  • Extensions
  • Workspaces
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Snippets
  • Icons

Extracting the information

  1. Run the command Sync: Update / Upload Settings on the computer you want to extract the information from.
  2. It will ask for a Github token, so create a new one and paste the key.
  3. In your new device, just run Sync: Download Settings

You can repeat the step 3 on many different computers