New Year. New Resolutions.

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2019 was an excellent year for me.

This past year I fulfilled my goal of improving my Functional Programming skills and, I was lucky to be selected to speak at the “JS Day, Canarias Edition” conference.

For those who know nothing about Canarias, it is like the “Spanish Valhalla”. An archipelago formed after volcanic eruptions, which produced one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the Earth. Don’t trust me? A picture worths a thousand words.



Faro de Orchilla

The conference itself does not lag, with one of the highest technical talk levels I have ever seen in an event. The organization team is pushing the limits of the event far, and I’m thrilled to see all the effort is making its award. The ambiance was fantastic, and I enjoyed the company of many great people.

Got invited to write an article about JS FP

I got the opportunity to write another post as a guest — this time for Software Crafters. The article (in Spanish) is an introduction to Functional Programming concepts in JavaScript.

Given the high technical level of the blog and the fact that the author recently wrote one of the best JS programming books in Spanish, it was absolutely an honor to receive the invitation.

I hope to keep writing technical articles in this new year, on this page, or as a guest, as there is no better way to learn than teaching others.

Family grows

No project can compare to the most crucial purpose in my life, to take care of the new member of the family 👶, who was born in May.

I never thought I was going to react with a smile to the privation of sleep and changing diapers, but here I am. A great power carries a great responsibility.

New web

In the last month of the year, I worked on this new version of my website, as the last one looked “old-fashioned”, and it lacked any content or purpose.

I decided to move out of my comfort zone and start writing in English, to reach a wider audience and to improve my skills. It was a hard decision, given the fact that I have limited time, and writing in my native tongue is way faster, but I decided to pay the taxes and follow my heart.

Looking forward

My only goal for this year is finding the perfect balance between work and family. It looks like a big challenge, and I have no doubts it’s hard, but as Hunter S. Thompson said, Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.

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