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I consider myself a professional developer and amateur musician. These are my weapons of choice.

Following the trend of many colleagues of the profession and guided by recent Web Bos’ project and other classic ones like uses.this I’m inspired enough lately to write this post, so here we go!

💻 Hardware

  • Computer: 2019 16-inch Macbook Pro (i7 2.6GHz, 16GB ram, 512GB SSD)
  • Keyboard: Apple Wired A1243 - discontinued
  • Mouse: Patuoxun Zelotes 9200dpi
  • External Display: Benq PD2500Q Led IPS
  • Chair: NewSkill Takamikura Carbon

👨🏼‍💻 Software

  • Editor: VS Code powered by some extensions and Palenight Theme
  • Terminal: iTerm, zsh with spaceship prompt
  • Font: Fira Code font
  • Visual Editor: Figma
  • Browser: Google Chrome
  • git GUI: Sourcetree
  • Productivity Apps: Alfred, Notion
  • Presentations: Keynote
  • Markdown editor: Macdown
  • Other: App Cleaner, Grammarly, Spotify, Shuttle, Rocket

🎹 Music

  • Speakers: Yamaha HS7
  • Interface: Focusrite Saffire Pro 24
  • Master keyboard: M-Audio Keystation 61
  • Synth: Korg Minikorg
  • Sampler/Looper: Roland SP404-SP
  • Microphone: sE Electronics X1
  • Headphones: Audio Technica ATH-M50
  • Sequencer: Logic X

🕹 Personal

  • Phone: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
  • Smartwatch: Amazfit Stratos
  • Bike: Orbea Alma H20 Eagle 2020
  • Video game console: Super Nintendo mini
  • Home Asistant: Amazon Echo
  • Mock Paper: Rodia dotPad A4
  • Mechanical pencils: Pro Use 03 Platinum, Faber-Castell TK 4600
  • Eraser: Pentel Ain Black