I'm José Manuel Lucas

A frontend engineer living in Murcia (Spain)

I have ample experience building performant yet pleasant to see websites.

I work for BoB (bagonboard), a Spanish luggage-transportation startup, developing interfaces using the latest technologies, like React, Styled Components, WordPress and Node.

My interests are very eclectic, covering areas like Functional Programming, Design Systems, UI Design, Mountain Biking, and Hip Hop Music.

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My Markup is semantic and accessible.
I've been working with CSS for more than 12 years. I take advantage of the latest additions to the standard to build beautiful and usable interfaces.
My favorite language, with its draws and cons. My code implements the best conventions like TDD, Solid... I'm specialized in building highly optimized, testable, and modular components using React. My style components usually follow the Theme UI standard.
Mongo, MySQL, Node, PHP, Shell Scripting, Firebase, WordPress, P5.js